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Multi-Effect and Amp Simulator 23 Integrated cabinet emulations Over 70 simulations of cabinet audio recordings Up to 9 effects that can be used simultaneously User Patch: 240 68 Rhythm Patterns 6 effect selection switches Integrated expression /...

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G3n is a versatile multi-effects processor that allows you to challenge the genre with the most realistic emulations of stompboxes, cabinets and amps. Its high quality sound, portable design, 80 second Looper and intuitive interface make it...

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With more than 30 years of experience in the production of multi-effects Zoom launches the all-new G11 electric guitar pedalboard, a multi-effects that represents the culmination of passion and engineering of the Japanese house. range with...

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Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal 16 Guitar / Body Models 32bit signal processing Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz 24bit A / D / A conversion Reverb 1/4 "jack input Anti-feedback control Chromatic tuner USB connection for firmware update 1/4 "jack...

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Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal 16 Source guitars 15 Target guitars for the model 9 Effects with adjustable parameters Piezo / magnetic pickup input 3-band equalizer Compressor Input and output signal manageable by the fickle potentiometer...

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